Perfect Little Black Dress

Find The Perfect Little Black Dress For Your Body Type

The little black dress is the signature staple of any woman’s wardrobe. This is the dress that can be worn to a spring wedding, a winter funeral, and to a high school reunion with just a few changes in accessories.

Little black dress

The little black dress is always flattering and should have a slim, form fitting shape that brings out the best features of the individual woman’s body. There are many forms of the little black dress, and every woman should have one just in case of last minute special events. Just a few additions of fashionable accessories can make it feel like you’re wearing it for the first time.

A woman with a full, apple shaped figure might have a petite, round body. She might be self conscious about her tummy area. If you are an apple shape, clingy fabrics will emphasize a rounded stomach. A dress that draws the eye upwards will help with this problem. A short dress with show off shapely legs, and can be worn with black or charcoal leggings. A low neckline will draw attention to a full bust. If necessary, spandex underclothes can help create a slimmer silhouette and visually trim up to ten pounds.

Those who have a slim figure might also have a small bust, which can be made flattering with a black dress in a high neckline or a pushup bra and some jewelry, depending on how conservative the event is and how you feel about showing off your own personal style.

Youth black dress

Any woman would look refined and sexy in high heels. Heels stretch the calf muscles and create a curve in the silhouette in the leg. Soft gels can be inserted to make them more comfortable. They also add height and lengthen the figure. Long strands of pearls also draw the eye up vertically for that slim, tall look.

If you have a pear shaped body, you might want a long black dress that trims the thighs and makes the whole body look long and sleek. Chunky silver necklaces are very in right now and bring the eyes up to the neckline. Long silver earrings draw the eyes to a pretty face.

Smokey eye makeup looks refined with any black dress look. Silver and black brings out eyes of all colors. A red lipstick also looks very beautiful with the black dress look. Add a little blush to highlight cheekbones and cheer up the skin-tone.

A little black dress can be worn with a shrug or a cardigan in chilly weather. Neutral colors like grey and light brown look pretty, and white and green or blue add a little pop. Light pink and peach are flattering with pinkish skin-tones, and bring out light hair colors and bright eyes.

Nude high heels are very fashionable and look perfect with black dresses. Black shoes are also an option. Some might opt for bright red heels with a matching red clutch to add a little heat.